The Conviction
of One Truth

New research highlights the buy-side’s lack of agility to respond to market volatility

New research from Chartis highlights the importance for investment managers to have real-time access to a holistic, accurate view across portfolios.

Chartis recently interviewed and surveyed senior decision makers at world-leading investment management firms to learn the importance of having a comprehensive view of their portfolios – or “One Investment Truth”.

The results detail the widening gap between organizations that have access to real-time, accurate data across their portfolios to capitalize on volatile market conditions and plan for the unknowns - and those who don’t. 

Get your copy of the research report to see how respondents across Europe, North America and Asia answered questions such as: 

  • What’s the biggest value of having One Investment Truth for the front office?
  • What are some of the biggest data challenges that investment managers are facing today?
  • What do you think the market is underestimating by having a fragmented system landscape?
  • Where is innovation most needed? 


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