The 10 requirements of an IBOR

Solution Paper

Achieve competitive advantage with SimCorp’s IBOR

Learn more about our award-winning investment book of record (IBOR) and how it provides your front office with correct and timely position data.

As you move to take full advantage of emerging growth opportunities, you may find yourself exposed to weaknesses in your current operating model. Learn how an IBOR remedies these deficiencies, leads to a source of sustainable competitive advantage, and future-proofs your operations for years to come.

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Check mark icon Why leading firms are targeting investment tools to support front         office decision-making

Check mark icon About the key benefits of an IBOR for your firm

Check mark icon What 10 key requirements must be met by an IBOR

Check mark icon How an IBOR helps overcome many of your front office challenges

Check mark icon Why portfolio modeling is both business-critical and a source of competitive advantage

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