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Moving from client reporting to client communications

Get started on your path from client reporting to client communication

A market report from Citisoft highlighting the industry’s journey from client reporting to client communications.

Reporting functions at most investment managers continue to under-deliver. Not only because they are failing to meet stipulated SLAs or reporting cycles, but because they do not add the financial or operational value that is possible within a client-centric delivery model.

We asked Citisoft, a leading industry consultancy, to provide an analysis of today’s environment – the challenges faced, the perception of the function, and how client communications is used today.

This market report outlines the key obstacles faced by your peers in their journey from functional client reporting to value-added client communications, and the missed opportunities of not focusing on the client experience.

Get your free copy to learn about:

  • The main reason client communications is an under-invested area
  • The rise of “centers of excellence” within firms like yours
  • How technology enables valuable client-centric activities
citisoft and simcorp coric paper 

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Citisoft partners with the world's leading asset management firms and service providers to create impactful and effective solutions to today's complex business problems. Our sole focus is assessing, designing, and delivering results-oriented operations and technology change across the entire investment management process.
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