New Reality, New Lessons

How the sharp are sharpening their operating model

In times of market volatility, what strategies can investment managers adopt to build resilience across the investment lifecycle?

Fragmented operating models continue to hamper growth and innovation. What’s the opportunity cost of maintaining the status quo, especially in times like these?

In this whitepaper, Marc Schröter, Head of Global Product Management at SimCorp, reflects on the dangers of the “do nothing” approach, and explains why firms that embrace technological innovation to optimize their operating models will come out on top.

Read the whitepaper for insights on:

  • How have existing challenges intensified in 2020 and what lessons have we learnt?
  • What innovations are transforming investment operations and how can you best integrate these within your firm?
  • The key questions to ask when evaluating your operating infrastructure
  • How a consolidated operating model can lower costs, and increase returns and customer satisfaction
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