Collective Thought

A Pensions Age survey in association with SimCorp

Collective Thought

This survey presents the sentiment, decision-making and position of UK pension funds in relation to their present and future arrangements.

The thought provoking findings capture the general thinking, when it comes to fund management and administration, whilst also paying special attention to alternative asset management methods, such as the introduction of Collective Investment Vehicles (CIVs).

Over the last few years, the traditional arrangements between pension funds and their managers have come under increased scrutiny. Pressures on performance, pricing and transparency have all been questioned.

Ask yourself:

  • Will you be consolidating your trading and administration data?
  • Will you be managing a portion of your pension fund through a collective investment vehicle (CIV) structure?
  • What are your reasons for using CIVs, are you reviewing your asset management options to access newer and alternative asset classes?
SimCorp Fixed income report 2018 

This survey, carried out in early 2018, engaged with over a hundred pensions funds, ranging in size from under one billion to over ten billion pounds. Most participants are Trustees and Investment Committee Members/CIOs.

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