Research Report

Reporting Exposure: The Power of an IBOR

The importance of an IBOR in risk management

A market shifting event can happen at any time. How quickly can your organization extract exposure information? More importantly, can you trust the information to make critical business decisions?

We operate in a volatile political and economic environment. Are you confident that your firm can calculate and report your own exposure to specific countries or sectors? 

Reporting Exposure: The Power of an IBORIn this research report, we uncover the gap between asset managers’ expectations and reality when it comes to exposure reporting. The truth is that organizations can improve the timeliness and quality of their risk mitigation by using an IBOR.

In this report, you’ll learn how an IBOR can help you:

  • Produce accurate exposure reports within one hour
  • Reduce time spent reconciling or integrating data from multiple sources
  • Improve data quality across the entire organization


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