SimCorp Standard Platforms

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SimCorp Standard Platforms: Kick-start your time to value

Learn how our new “out of the box” solutions can help you find efficiency gains and improve profitability.

As business and regulatory requirements are becoming more complex, investment managers are looking for simplification and standardization of core business processes.

We’ve considered this demanding situation and developed a new standardized delivery model of SimCorp Dimension – SimCorp Standard Platforms™. It delivers “out of the box” components and processes, so you can get up and running sooner and benefit straight away from your new solution.

In this free information guide you’ll learn about the components of SimCorp Standard Platforms, how they integrate into the overall SimCorp Dimension delivery model, how we deliver solutions with a combination of onsite and offsite consultants, and finally our recommended project governance structure.

Who will benefit from this information?

  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Chief Operations Officers
  • Project Managers
  • Consultants/Advisors
Standard Platforms Project Guide 
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