MiFID II Report

Tabb Group and SimCorp explore the implications of MiFID II for the North American buy side

Conquering MiFID II and Beyond in North America

Bridging the Great Data Divide

TABB Group estimates that more than 75% of asset managers in the United States expect to be impacted by MiFID II. The heightened scrutiny of regulators, along with intensifying business pressures, are compelling investment managers to reconsider their operating and technical strategies.

Organizations that take a proactive, intelligent, enterprise-based approach to data management and consolidation will be better equipped to comply with their regulatory obligations today, to prepare for impending regulatory requirements in the future, and to support future business growth and innovation.

Read the white paper to learn more about:

Check mark icon New data requirements and challenges around data lineage

Check mark icon How MiFID II is reshaping the front office

Check mark icon Achieving alignment and consistency across assets and the trade lifecycle

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