IT system consolidation

The growing trend of IT system consolidation

The buy side is saying less is more when it comes to investment management systems. Discover who is leading the charge for IT system consolidation and why.

Amid mounting fee and revenue pressure, there’s no longer room for unnecessary overhead, prompting firms to cut costs and simplify operating environments.

This has led to an overwhelming trend to towards IT system consolidation.

We commissioned WatersTechnology to find out how widespread the trend is and the outcomes for firms who embark on consolidation projects.

Get your copy of A Brave New World: The Benefits of System Consolidation, to determine if system consolidation fits into your future business strategy.

Learn why:

  • System consolidation is considered a stepping-stone to better automation, data consistency and transparency
  • Firms list cost savings and improved efficiencies as key reasons for reducing reliance on multiple systems
  • Consolidating IT systems is no longer just a front office initiative
The growing trend of IT system consolidation 
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