The New Operating Environment

People, processes and technology: Perspectives from around the world

Today’s business environment may look different depending on where you operate. In these three regional reports, you can get perspectives directly from senior leaders across the world. Get one or all three for a truly global view.

Working from home, market volatility, increased regulatory pressure - the coronavirus pandemic has proved to be the ultimate resilience test for financial organizations.

What role does region play in how firms react to these challenges? We spoke with senior leaders from Europe, North America and Asia Pacific to find out how the past year has affected both their investments and business.

These three regional reports will give you an insider view on how different parts of the world are approaching real-time data collection, client satisfaction, ESG reporting, employee retention and much more.


Get these reports for perspectives from leading investment firms on:

  • Why fast and accurate data processing is more important in volatile markets
  • How firms are integrating ESG into everyday processes
  • Navigating tools for proactive client engagement


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