Operational agility

A global survey

Realizing growth through operational agility

In our recent survey on expectations and strategies amongst buy-side firms worldwide, we found a renewed focus on growth and optimistic expectations for the future. Yet the same firms were decidedly less confident about their ability to execute their preferred growth strategies.

For close to a decade, buy-side firms have understandably prioritized cost control, risk management and regulatory compliance above all else. With growth returning to the top of their agenda, firms are finding that their current capabilities for executing a growth strategy are no longer quite up to the task. This is particularly true for the preferred path to new profits, product and service innovation, which demands new levels of operational agility.

Download the white paper to get insights into operational agility, and what buy-side firms are doing to achieve it, including:

  • 47% of firms expressed a lack of confidence in their investment management platform, i.e. their IT infrastructure and/or data management
  • As part of their long-term IT strategy, 53% of firms are leveraging an integrated (front-to-back) solution, with 33% opting for a best-of-breed solution
  • 58% of firms spend more than 20% of the workday on manual processes indicating plenty of room for improvement

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