Complete compliance, every time.

With our platform you can stay on top of investment compliance and regulations across complex strategies, with ease.

We’ve taken the pain out of compliance monitoring. With an adaptable and intuitive interface, as well as automated updates, you can be sure that you have everything you need to be compliant at your fingertips.

  • Intuitive
  • Automated
  • Adaptable
It’s much easier now to follow up on the investment mandates and make sure we have one consistent data source for all our reporting.

Arne Martin Moen
Chief Operating Officer, Storebrand Asset Management

Complexity, simplified

Stay on top of changing regulations while helping your clients scale. With our intuitive Compliance Manager platform, you can get the insights to support client growth and remain transparent, all in one place.

Peace of mind, packaged

Create and modify compliance rules. See key metrics on an intuitive, actionable dashboard. Receive automated alerts when compliance rules are broken. It’s everything you need, automated and in one place. Minimized resources. Maximum impact.

Flexibly integrated insights

Want to use our values to check compliance? Great. Want to incorporate external values using another system instead? No problem. With our platform, you have full flexibility of integration, while gaining automated visibility of risks across all your platforms. The best of both worlds, together.

As part of our Front Office suite, Compliance Manager offers: 

  • Customizable compliance rules 
  • Intuitive overview of key info and automated alerts
  • Integrated risk analytics

Regulatory Compliance

Investment compliance goes hand in hand with regulatory compliance and SimCorp caters for both. Learn more about our Regulatory Compliance.

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