We know that investment managers are feeling the pressure of a new regulatory landscape.

New regulations designed to ensure stability and integrity in the financial system are affecting both operational models, and bottom lines. The successful organizations will be those who manage regulatory change efficiently and cost-effectively.

Head of Regulatory Center of Excellence

Focus on regulations – 60 second update

We asked our Head of Regulatory Center of Excellence Carsten Kunkel for short overview of what's happening in the regulatory space.

An introduction to SimCorp’s Regulatory Center of Excellence

Regulation continues to be one of the biggest challenges faced by buy-side investment managers around the world. Find out how SimCorp’s Regulatory Center of Excellence helps alleviate this challenge. 

The Regulatory Center of Excellence operates as a global network and assists clients in becoming compliant with specific regulations on time by: 

  • Orchestrating discussions between our clients to understand the regulations that matter
  • Providing a standard solution that benefits many of our clients at the same time
  • Updating standard solutions as regulations change
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