Save time and money by consolidating your data from several sources in one place with Data Warehouse Manager

With an intuitive dashboard and all extracted data collated in a standardized format, you’re always able to conduct timely, highly automated, and accurate reporting.

  • Efficiency and accuracy
  • Automation and flexibility 
  • Timely and automated reporting 

Data, all in one place

Our flexible platform allows you to combine your SimCorp Dimension data with other data sources with ease, removing the need for additional consolidation tools. With our decades of expertise in data warehousing, you can rely on our established data model that is always developed, maintained and enhanced to ensure your data is always checked, validated and ready for analyses or reporting.

On the ground, or in the cloud? It’s up to you

You can choose whether to deploy on premise or in the cloud with our Snowflake-powered cloud data warehouse.

Cloud Data Warehouse core benefits:

  • Seamless access to the required data regardless of simultaneous queries issued from clients and data consumers whether in reporting, data analytics or data science
  • Our standardized Investment Management Warehouse (IMW) gives you access to an industry-recognized data model that leverages best practice methodologies focused on the investment management industry
  • You can augment investment data with third-party data from the Snowflake Data Marketplace and other data sources, giving you faster access to the data in an intuitive and digestible structure
  • The cloud warehouse enables end-to-end data governance, lowering operational risk at a reduced cost
  • Get greater investment insights using available API’s with SimCorp’s Business Intelligence layer for faster visual data insights - as well as integrated machine learning and analytics libraries for data-driven decision making
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