Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) investment is a key element in institutional portfolios today and will continue to be so in the future

We believe it’s our responsibility to help the world’s largest investment institutions to turn sustainable investing into a mainstream activity. With regulations, stakeholder expectations and activism making sustainable choices ever more important, we’re continually developing tools and services to support your ESG investments throughout their lifecycle. Making sure you’re always one step ahead, sustainably.

ESG - a complete lifecycle for investment success

ESG data sourcing

ESG data sourcing and management

The first step to successful ESG investing is access to reliable data – a process that is costly, requires constant monitoring and manual work as well as hard-to-find skilled resources. Our Data as a Service offering for ESG addresses these challenges, providing validated data from a variety of sources and removing the hassle and risk of collecting and processing data internally. This service includes access to a team of industry experts who become an extension of your team without the additional overhead.

ESG data processing

ESG data processing throughout the investment lifecycle

We integrate ESG data and analytics with other data metrics into a common Investment Book of Record (IBOR) so you can access real-time positions, performance, and risk analytics and sophisticated pre- and post-trade compliance in one overview.

This specifically addresses your requirements to the EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) and taxonomy, by providing periodic reporting and integration across investment processes. Our data integration gives you peace of mind that your investment decisions are consistent and aligned with the KPIs that are reported to customers. A flexible ESG framework from SimCorp can cater for a wider set of ESG strategies and will evolve to keep up with the latest market developments.

ESG data reporting

ESG reporting

Clients want easily accessible and accurate information on the impact and performance of their ESG investments. However, ESG investments often require more oversight than traditional products because of their ethical and responsible claims.

To meet the growing need for ESG reporting you need a strategic approach to client communications and the tools to support it. With our client communications platform, you can select the right tools to tailor your ESG client communication strategy and give your customers access to ESG investment data and analysis across reports, dashboards and portals, 24/7.

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