Your fund administration, controlled with ease. 

Born of our 50-years of experience, we created a tool that not only seamlessly connects with your existing fund manager platforms, but also automates all the time- consuming actions including regulatory reporting, whatever the fund structure. Because we know your time is better spent pursuing opportunities, than punching in numbers.

  • Automated workflows 
  • Straight-through processing
  • Reduced risk

Increased insights, with reduced risk

Less is definitely more with Fund Administration Manager. Our automated solution simplifies your administration by freeing up your team’s time - meaning they can manage a range of funds with ease. And with real-time data on assets and risk assessment, fund admin has never been so seamless.

More opportunities, same resources

By automating your fund administration flows, your teams can do so more with the same resources - from handling an increased number of portfolios and scenarios to lowering processing errors. With this kind of new-found-freedom, you now have more options than ever. Whether you decide to use your newly won resources on adding more clients, or simply exploring more opportunities, is up to you.

Utilize a cost-effective solution

The automated, intuitive and scalable Fund Administration Manager offers:

  • Intuitive plug-and-play integration of new funds and transactions
  • Increased transparency throughout entire fund administration process
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