Control and optimize the use of your assets

Forecast and optimize your assets with Cash and Securities Manager - helping you make more effective use of your cash assets, efficiently.

  • Optimized securitization
  • Automated workflows
  • Cash forecasting

Your Security Lending, understood

Our cash and securities management solution puts you in firm control of all your securities lending and repo activities. You can forecast short and long-term cash and securities balances, as well as movements and requirements, to make sure you’re always making effective use of your available assets.

Your cash, managed

Our unified dashboard allows you to get an overview of all your bank account balances and expected movements in one place. From forecasting the impact of dividends and security cash events to payments as well as being able to sweep balances into main accounts to bolster interest, it’s everything you need - at your fingertips.

Resources down, productivity up

With our smart automation, your daily manual activities of allocation are handled so you can minimize risk while focusing on the strategies that really require your attention.

Use automation and get a clear overview of your assets

As part of our investment operations solutions, Cash and Securities Manager offers:

  • Improved productivity with full transparency
  • A clear overview of all positions and assets


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