Take full control of your collateral management practices.

Today’s market volatility is tomorrow’s nightmare. Be in control of your collateral exposure and minimize risk with our Collateral Manager software, combining intuitive views on all your positions with real-time data functionality - meaning you can manage risk with ease - wherever, whenever.

The collateral management software solution offers:

  • Strong credit and operational risk management
  • Automated workflows
  • Secure electronic management of margin calls
  • Collateral monitoring
  • Handle cross-product collateralization and operational risk with confidence

With Collateral Manager, you get real-time calculation of margin requirements, support and flexible viewing options - from disputes to settlements. A comprehensive overview saving you valuable time, and risk.

As our Collateral Manager gathers all key information in one place with an easy-to-navigate design, you will be able to focus on important strategic decisions as opposed to the software.

Controlled collateral management

Whatever you need to see, it’s here from market positions to transactions and upcoming corporate actions. Plus, with the ability to enter new transactions with a couple of clicks, you are able to move swiftly, and calmly, through whatever the market may throw at you.

Margin calls, managed

You can assess margin calls, automatically release the notifications and automatic reporting to support those actions. Simplicity, baked in.

Amplify opportunities through automation

As part of our investment operations solution, Collateral Manager offers: 

  • Reduced costs with collateral block trades
  • Growth opportunities through access and capacity to do more trades
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