Take control. Reduce risk.

We created Corporate Actions Manager to help you automate your work, and lower the risk of missing an important event.

  • Automated workflows 
  • Full process control 
  • Reduced risk 

Get a bird’s-eye view of your corporate actions handling

With Corporate Actions Manager, all of your activity will be centered in one place meaning optimum control.  And with flexible set up options for notifications, plug-and-play integration with most corporate actions systems, and the ability to scale to whatever volume of events you have, you can focus on the things that help you go further, faster.

Why automated everyday?

By using automations for the daily processes, you’ll be able to focus more on those important exceptions as and when they happen. Plus, since the Corporate Actions Manager automatically flags the outliers when they are found, your work-life becomes less stressful – every day.

Take advantage of an integrated solution

As part of our investment operations solution, Corporate Actions Manager offers:

  • Customizable compliance rules  
  • Decreased manual work with automation 
  • Reduced operational risk 


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