All your reconciliations, in one place. 

Imagine being able to reconcile everything from one platform. Sounds good? Great, because that’s what we delivered with Reconciliation Manager. Have all your work seamlessly integrated with your books, saving you time, risk, and money.

  • Operational efficiency
  • Reduced risk and cost
  • Broad instrument coverage

Optimized efficiency

With Reconciliation Manager, you’re able to have a smarter, clearer overview of your assets, reduced risk of making unsound decisions based on flawed data and more time to focus on any exceptions. Made for you and your team to excel, the time to optimize is now.

Exceptional resolution

Not only is the dashboard intuitive, allowing you to immediately have an overview of your assets with clarifying visualizations, there’s also an alerts inbox that informs you of any exceptions so you can address them as they arise.

Complete integration

As part of our investment operations solution, Reconciliation Manager offers: 

  • Cash, holding, and payment reconciliation
  • Increased operational efficiency and reduced cost
  • Improved investment decisions and reduced risk exposure
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