Simplify operational risk analysis with our Risk Analysis Manager

With our Risk Analysis Manager, you can steer clear of potential operational risks. Our streamlined, yet rigorous processes mean you can have a bird’s eye view on assessments while staying on top of regulation changes, with ease.

Transparency as standard.

Black boxes be gone. With our tool, you can provide clean and clear risk assessment throughout your organization, simply and easily.

Flexible integration, for all your systems.

No matter what you’re currently using, our systemtool seamlessly connects with your existing software  harnessing the insights, and delivering them intuitively in one place. The perfect system to measure, mitigate and reduce risk as demands grow.

A clean bill of digital health

Want to perform health checks on reporting from clients, internally or regulatory reporting? You can do that. Want to see the calculations? Absolutely. The perfect balance between planning for growth, while minimizing risk.

Let system portfolio managers make their assessments too

Get an overview of all relevant performance, risk ratios, compliance and more from the front office. What does that mean? It means that the always up-to-date insights can be harnessed by whoever needs them, ensuring everyone can work faster, and smarter.

Identify and control threats before they occur

Our Risk Analysis Manager includes: 

  • Automated analysis of all operational risk factors 
  • Full control of the risk factors  
  • Full transparency and computation of pre-trade limits and post-trade risk 
  • MSCI RiskMetrics plug-in solution 
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