Solvency II investment forecasting and simulation

A powerful tool in the SimCorp Dimension platform making investment forecasting easier than ever.

Staying on top of Solvency II compliance and solvency regulations for fund managers, insurance companies and asset managers of all types is tricky. So that’s why Strategy Manager focuses on all the things you need - from stress tests and data exceptions - while also allowing calibration with regulatory changes to ensure your decisions are always made using the smartest, compliant and up to date insights.

The Strategy Manager provides us with improved clarity and transparency when managing the multitude of complex Solvency II calculations.

Roman Wanek
Expert Financial Risk Management, formerly at UNIQA

Take the reins of Solvency Capital Requirements

Strategy Manager lets you calculate, analyze and report Solvency II figures speedily and easily, and as it’s part of our integrated platform, you can benefit from the 360-degree integrations for a fuller view of assets to make sharper decisions. 

Higher consistency. Lower costs.

Our tool allows you the flexibility to change form perimeters, so you’re always compliant while being consistent. And as all data from credit quality, stress tests and security quality are accessible and centrally controlled, you can rest assured you’ll always be audit-proof.

More options. Fuller transparency.

Want to dive into one stress test? You can do it. Look at a single risk analysis? Super. With Strategy Manager everything, from the minutest detail, to the bird’s eye view is transparent meaning your calls are always fully informed.

We’ve seen the future, and it works.

Our “what-if” scenario algorithm makes it easier to make decisions based on potential outcomes - whether for the market, position, regulations or an asset. So you can view, compare and review possible and past solvency outcomes and asset impacts without having to break the laws of physics.

The strengths of the Solvency II solution

The Solvency II solution is a flexible user-configurable solution backed by a powerful platform. It allows you to combine the following elements to make strategic investment decisions and maintain compliance with Solvency II regulation. 

  • Controlled configuration
  • Full calculation transparency 
  • What-if scenario calculations

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