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SimCorp aims to ensure that the market is informed at all times and that all rules and regulations for companies listed on NASDAQ Copenhagen A/S are complied with. SimCorp also aims to communicate openly with investors and analysts about the Group's financial and business development.

Welcome to our investor relations website section, where you can access share price information, recent news and announcements, financial reports, and information about relevant events. Under the Corporate Governance tab, you can find SimCorp's: Corporate Governance Guidelines, Report on the 2017 Recommendations made by the Danish Committee on Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility Statement and ESG Report, Diversity Report, Diversity and Inclusion Policy, Guideline for Good Business Behavior, Terms of Reference for its Board committees, Articles of Association, and the Rules and Procedures for the Board.

Annual Report 2018

For the first time, SimCorp generated EBIT of more than EUR 100m, and with revenue growth of more than 10%, we continue to deliver against our Vision 2020 aspirations of being a growth company driven by innovation. In 2018, we welcomed ten new SimCorp Dimension clients and two new SimCorp Coric clients, and extended the relationship with many of our existing clients confirming the value of our integrated offering.