Corporate governance

Corporate governance & policies

Corporate governance guidelines, investor relations policy, and articles of association

Investor relations policy

SimCorp’s Investor Relations department handles the contact to investors and the press on issues related to the company’s shares.

In order to ensure that SimCorp’s stakeholders have access to corporate information on equal terms, news are released to NASDAQ Copenhagen A/S, the media, and on SimCorp’s web site, which offers the possibility to sign up for a subscription to SimCorp’s news service.

Please see SimCorp's Investor relations policy for the overall objectives for SimCorp's Investor Relations activities.

Articles of association

Adopted by the Company’s extraordinary general meeting held on May 31, 2018

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Corporate governance guidelines

Principles for the overall management of SimCorp are embodied in the company's Corporate Governance Guidelines.

SimCorp has published Corporate Governance Guidelines 2017 (updated February 20, 2018), in which the company's Board of Directors describes the overall Corporate Governance principles of SimCorp.

Corporate social responsibility

Guideline for good business behavior

Remuneration guidelines

Diversity action plans