The SimCorp share

The SimCorp share

SimCorp is listed on NASDAQ Copenhagen A/S under the ticker symbol SIM and is traded as part of the OMXC LargeCap index. Share capital amounts to DKK 40,500,000 divided into 40,500,000 shares of DKK 1 each. The shares are freely negotiable and confer equal rights on their holders.

Shareholder structure, year-end 2019

Approximately 10,100 registered shareholders representing around 95% of the company’s share capital

79% of SimCorp is held by Danish and foreign institutional investors

36% of SimCorp is held by investors who are also clients of SimCorp

6% of SimCorp is held by the company’s management and employees

Major shareholders, year-end 2019

In accordance with section 55 of the Danish Companies Act, the following investors have reported a holding of more than 5% of SimCorp’s share capital:

  • The Capital Group Companies, Inc., 10.1%
  • Ameriprise Financial Inc. group, USA, with a part held by the subsidiary Columbia Wanger Asset Management LLC, 5.5%
  • SMALLCAP World Funds, Inc. (fund within Capital Group companies), 5.1%