SimCorp StrategyLab Copenhagen Summit 2011

Investment management industry representatives and academics convene to discuss key challenges

With the purpose of identifying and examining key investment management industry challenges, thought leaders representing renowned academic institutions and the industry gather at the SimCorp StrategyLab Copenhagen Summit 2011 meetings in February and March.

Key challenges addressed by high-level international academics and industry representatives

In 2010-11, the SimCorp StrategyLab research programme focuses on the three major sectors of the global investment management industry: investment funds; asset management; and pension and insurance funds. All these respective sectors face a unique set of strategic and tactical challenges. Focusing on these challenges, SimCorp StrategyLab in its capacity as an independent research institution has gathered top-industry representatives and academics for three two-day meetings in the form of the SimCorp StrategyLab Copenhagen Summit 2011, with one meeting addressing each industry sector.
With the aim of identifying and discussing 12 key challenges facing the three individual industry sectors, related respectively to risk, cost and growth issues, three esteemed academics have been designated to head up teams of high-profile academics from renowned research institutions, such as INSEAD and Stern School of Business, NYU, as well as senior executives from major international consulting and investment organisations, including TowerGroup and Nordea Investment Management & Life.

Industry sector groups

Investment funds

Professor Martin M. Gruber, Stern School of Business, NYU (Group Chairman)
Professor Massimo Massa, INSEAD
Merele A. May, Senior VP Investment Operations, American Century Investments
Ulrik Modigh, Head of Asset Management Operations, Nordea Savings & Asset Management
Brian S. Jensen, Head of Business Processes, Nordea Savings & Asset Management
Peter Hertel, Domain Manager - Fund Accounting, SimCorp
Bernard Delbecque, Director of Research and Economics, EFAMA - European Fund and Asset Management Association

Pension funds and insurance funds

Professor Massimo Massa, INSEAD (Group Chairman)
Anthony Neuberger, Professor, Warwick University
Ingo Walter, Professor, Director SimCorp StrategyLab, Stern School of Business, NYU
Marc van den Berg, COO, PGGM
Arne E. Jørgensen, Domain Manager - Accounting, SimCorp Group
Jacob Elsborg, Head of Technology, ATP Investment Area
Dr. Annukka Paloheimo, CEO, Scandinavian Financial Research
Dr. Frank Wellhöfer, COO, MEAG MUNICH ERGO AssetManagement GmbH

Asset management

Professor Stephen J. Brown, Stern School of Business, NYU(Group Chairman)
Marno Verbeek, Professor, Rotterdam School of Management
Lester Gray, CEO, Schroders Asia
Lars Eigen Møller, Executive Vice President, Danske Capital
Dr. Ralf Schmücker, Managing Director, SimCorp
Peter Engel, Senior Sales Manager, SimCorp
Dushyant Shahrawat, Senior Research Director, TowerGroup
Dr. Matthäus Den Otter, CEO, Swiss Funds Association SFA
Michael Jarzabek, Generalbevollmächtigter, LBBW Asset Management Investmentgesellschaft GmbH

Thought leadership deliverables
The aim of the SimCorp StrategyLab Copenhagen Summit 2011 is to generate and contribute substantial knowledge about key investment management industry challenges and to announce recommended solutions of value to the industry. Among the deliverables are a number of forthcoming articles and three whitepapers to be published in September 2011.