OpenText partnership with Equipos (now SimCorp Coric) opens one-stop-shop for financial data delivery

Content management experts to add specialist financial client communications and reporting capabilities for wealth and asset management firms

A new partnership between OpenText and Equipos (now SimCorp Coric) will provide private banks and institutional investment firms with a faster, more effective and more secure way to communicate financial reports, real time performance data, portfolio attribution and risk information to their fund owner and professional advisor clients. This will enable the transparent administration and management of investment portfolios, thereby enhancing the current client experience, fostering more efficient interaction and strengthening the client-investment manager relationship.

Under terms of the UK partnership agreement announced today, OpenText, the content management experts, are integrating their suite of customer engagement tools with industry-leading software from Equipos (now SimCorp Coric), a specialist provider of global client communications and reporting solutions to the financial services industry.

This integration between OpenText and the Equipos (now SimCorp Coric) Coric Client Communications Suite will enable wealth and asset management firms to deliver client reports and other financial communications through multiple secure channels such as the web, mobile devices and portals.

Financial services firms will be ideally positioned to provide secure online access to valuations and reports, accurate audits and portfolio performance tracking, and to share data with private clients and institutional investors.

Investment clients will benefit from a one-stop-shop where they can quickly gain a broad view on relevant individuals, institutions or independent financial advisors (IFAs) and make informed decisions based on the most up-to-date information.

Coric automates the critical business processes required to produce and distribute stylish and personalised reports, and to source and manage large volumes of financial data from various sources. The integration of Coric with OpenText’s existing suite of engagement management solutions will enhance the presentation and breadth of structured and unstructured information that is reported upon, such as portfolio attribution, portfolio risk against sector weight and performance against global indices or valuation and tax packs.

“When it comes to investment, joined up information is power; especially in today’s turbulent economy,” said OpenText’s UK Head of Financial Services Sales, Richard Price. “Investors want highly personalised reports that are clear, fast, simple and enable them to have confidence that they are making decisions based on the most accurate real time information available. Our partnership with Equipos (now SimCorp Coric) will enable investment firms to provide their clients with secure access to this critical information, and offers them a choice of convenient channels, including mobile access.”

Andrew Sutcliffe, VP Global Business Development at Equipos (now SimCorp Coric), said, “Private banks and institutional investment firms are facing an upward spiral of compliance and regulatory requirements, which has increased the level of complexity and detail that must be communicated to clients in a timely manner. Together with OpenText, Equipos (now SimCorp Coric) will help these firms to deliver the right information, in the right language, at the right time, through the client’s channel of choice.”