SimCorp to Lead Dodd-Frank Session at TSAM

Presentation to focus on system readiness to support regulatory mandates.

SimCorp, a leading provider of highly specialized software and expertise for the investment industry, will lead a practical session on Dodd-Frank during the 2011 TSAM Conference in New York on July 14, 2011.  The presentation, entitled “Dodd-Frank: Are Your Systems Ready to Support Disclosure and Transparency,” will feature David Kubersky, Managing Director of SimCorp North America, and Ebbe Kjaersbo, Chief Business Consultant, SimCorp North America.

The session will evaluate investment system requirements necessary to support the several regulatory changes mandated by Dodd-Frank, specifically provisions for greater transparency and disclosure with regards to OTC derivatives.  Mr. Kubersky and Mr. Kjaersbo will offer applicable insight and provide recommendations into the principal functionalities to consider when evaluating business systems in support of compliance for Dodd-Frank’s central trading and clearing reform for OTC derivatives.

“This is a critical time during which investment management firms can make a decision to examine their system-readiness for Dodd-Frank compliance but also very importantly, it is a time to assess if the systems they have in place can drive investment performance,” commented Mr. Kubersky. “Liquidity and profitability will go to firms with a sound infrastructure that can handle the complexity of the new market landscape.”

TSAM North America will be held on July 14-15, 2011 at the Marriott Downtown, New York, NY. The SimCorp Dodd-Frank presentation is scheduled for July 14th at 12:30pm – 1:00pm EST as part of the IT & Operational Strategy track