SimCorp Dimension version 5.0 enables business stability and unlimited growth

New version features developments and enhancements across front-, middle-, and back-office as well as technological improvements to remove memory and data capacity restrictions and support new levels of data processing and client growth.

SimCorp, a leading provider of highly specialised software and expertise for the investment industry, today announced the release of version 5.0 of its seamlessly integrated enterprise solution for investment management, SimCorp Dimension. The new release introduces full 64-bit application support, enabling a quantum leap in data processing capability and enhanced functionality for credit risk calculation and collateral management.

In accordance with the firm’s semi-annual release schedule, SimCorp Dimension 5.0 features new developments and major enhancements to meet the ever-growing demands of the industry and support clients mitigating risk, reducing cost and preparing for growth.  

“As the industry is still trying to recover from the financial crisis, many investment management firms are looking to increase system stability and position themselves for future growth. Faced with increasing demands for greater transparency and mounting regulatory requirements, firms are in need of better performance and data processing capacity,” comments Torben Munch, COO of SimCorp. “With the latest release of SimCorp Dimension version 5.0, we introduce native 64-bit application support, which enables even the most demanding clients to grow without any technology restrictions.” The transition to 64-bit moves the theoretical limit per process from 2 gigabytes to 8 terabytes, thus providing ample headroom for the foreseeable future.

Version 5.0 of SimCorp Dimension also introduces a number of key developments and enhancements across the front-, middle- and back-office. These include among others:

  • Credit default risk calculation: The new module facilitates calculation of P/L in case of counterparty default across all holdings. Clients can combine all default exposures in one calculation without having to interface or reconcile with other systems.
  • Automated performance-based fee calculations: The equalisation method automates equalisation of performance fee accruals, secures compliance with legal requirements, and treats investors fairly.
  • Cash balance view: The new cash viewer consolidates cash balance information allowing clients to manage cash much more efficiently as well as determine implications of investment strategies and simulations in real-time.
  • Substitutable orders for fixed income instruments: Traders can now execute a fixed income trade using a different security to the one that was originally specified without breaching any compliance rules.
  • Improved transparency for collateral management: New enhancements further standardize and automate settlement processes including reconciliation, confirmation and collateral management.

In addition, SimCorp offers a variety of services all of which are designed to help clients optimally utilise SimCorp Dimension. Among these service offerings is the Capacity Management Service, which is designed to support system performance optimisation and reduce cost, while also providing practical recommendations and suggestions for client-specific corrective actions.

The SimCorp Solvency II Service is a new service for insurance clients supporting them in implementing the many new and complex legislative requirements with specialised tools and a structured project methodology. Based on SimCorp’s extensive experience in risk and data management, this client-specific service is offered to ensure timely and effective implementation of Solvency II.