Adjustments to SimCorp’s top management team: Klaus Holse new CEO in well-prepared hand over

SimCorp, a leading provider of investment management solutions and services for the global financial services industry, today welcomed its new CEO, Klaus Holse, the former President of Microsoft’s activities in Western Europe, whom earlier this year was appointed the successor of Peter L. Ravn.

In parallel to Peter L. Ravn’s handover, an expected adjustment to SimCorp’s management and organisational structure for the SimCorp Group was announced. The adjustment should be seen as a further step towards SimCorp’s vision of becoming “the most attractive partner to investment managers and the number one provider of investment management solutions globally.”

The adjusted organisational structure comprises a product division tasked with moving forward the integrated portfolio of software solutions for business automation under the brand SimCorp Dimension. A new services division will focus on developing further the growing suite of professional services, including SimCorp’s managed services and SaaS-offerings. The structure will in addition include two market divisions; EMEA & APAC and North America. Along with the heads of Group Finance & IT, Group Marketing & Communications, and Group Human Capital, the divisional heads will report to CEO Klaus Holse and comprise the Group Management Committee (GMC).

The adjusted organisational structure means that the managing director for SimCorp’s Central Europe market unit, Jochen Müller, has been appointed Executive Vice President, Head of EMEA & APAC, whereas David Kubersky will continue in his position as head of SimCorp’s North American market division, however now as a member of the GMC with direct report to CEO Klaus Holse. The search process for candidates for the position as Executive Vice President of SimCorp’s services division has been initiated.

“I trust that the organisational adjustment will strengthen our ability to execute on the strategy that SimCorp has successfully been following hitherto. I will measure our future success on our ability to gain market share in particularly the North American market and build on the business with existing clients.

I see a further development of SimCorp’s market leading integrated solutions and services along with a focus on client and employee satisfaction as key to a strong performance for SimCorp. The demand is driven by regulatory requirements, a need for effective risk mitigation, cost efficiency and scaleable systems and operating models, and taken from where SimCorp is positioned with its modular, yet fully integrated front-to-back solution and services, I am confident that we have a solid platform to build on,” says incoming CEO Klaus Holse of SimCorp.

Enquiries regarding this announcement should be addressed to:
Klaus Holse, Chief Executive Officer, +45 35 44 88 02
Lars Bjørn Falkenberg, SVP Group Marketing & Communications, +45 35 44 87 10

Members of SimCorp’s new Group Management Committee:

Klaus Holse, Chief Executive Officer
Thomas Johansen, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Group Finance & IT
Georg Hetrodt, Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Product Division
Jochen Müller, Executive Vice President, EMEA & APAC
David Kubersky, Senior Vice President SimCorp North America
Karin Van Goinga Middelburg, Senior Vice President, Group Human Capital
Lars Bjørn Falkenberg, Senior Vice President, Group Marketing & Communications