Interim report 30 September 2012 – SimCorp A/S

SimCorp grew revenue by 9% during the first nine months of the year supported by solid performance of the professional services and maintenance activities.The revenue in connection with license activities has grown more slowly than expected, as part of the six new license contracts signed in Q3 will only impact revenue in future years.

Revenue for the first nine months of 2012 amounted to EUR 141.6m, EUR 11.3m higher than in the same period of last year. Measured in local currencies revenue growth for the first nine months of 2012 amounted to 6%.

EBIT for the nine-month period was EUR 20.7m, down EUR 0.5m compared with the same period last year.

SimCorp maintains its expectations for 2012 of revenue growth measured in local currencies of more than 5% and an EBIT margin exceeding 22%. Revenue secured by contract for 2012 is 8% higher than at the same time last year.



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