SimCorp CXO Relay Features Commentary on Turning Data Management Challenges into Business Opportunity

SimCorp has released a new CXO relay, titled “Turning Data Management Challenges into Business Opportunity.” The paper features Benita M. Warmbold, Senior Vice President and COO of CPP Investment Board (CPPIB), which manages a $170.1 billion fund. Read the paper here.

Citing the benefits of treating regulation as a catalyst for business growth rather than as an obstacle, Warmbold explains, “Fortunately, there’s a fair amount of synergies between our approach to managing data complexities and the regulatory changes that are happening in the OTC derivatives processing space. For instance, the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) required for each of the entities and securities processed fits in perfectly with our data strategy. Having a unique identifier allows us to know our true exposure across all the asset classes, enabling us to quickly drill down into specific portfolios, sectors, geographies and product types. This is where regulation in some ways acts as a business catalyst for expansion and innovation.”

The CXO Relay is part of SimCorp’s ongoing executive communications platform that features leading buy-side executives’ views, experiences and best practices on critical investment management issues. Recent contributors include: Michael Jarzabek, Head of Institutional Relationship Management at LBBW Asset Management; Dr Frank Wellhöfer, Managing Director at MEAG and Marc van den Berg, COO at PGGM Investments.
The CPP Investment Board which is a professional investment management organization based in Toronto has been a user of SimCorp’s investment management solutions since 2010.

For further details, please read the full CXO relay here.

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