Business transacted at the annual general meeting

Today, 31 March 2014, SimCorp A/S held its annual general meeting, at which the following were adopted:

Financial year 2013 and 2014

  • The Company’s audited annual report 2013.
  • The amendment of the Company’s remuneration and incentive policy and the remuneration of the Board of Directors for 2014.
  • Distribution of profit according to the adopted annual report 2013. The dividend will be DKK 4.00 per share of DKK 1 and the remainder is transferred to next year.


  • Re-election of Jesper Brandgaard as chairman and Peter Schütze as vice chairman of the Board of Directors.
  • Re-election of Hervé Couturier and Simon Jeffreys as members of the Board of Directors.
  • Election of Patrice McDonald as new member of the Board of Directors.
  • Election of PwC as the Company’s new auditor.

Shares and capital

  • Reduction of the Company’s share capital by cancellation of part of the Company’s own holding of shares. The Company’s shares are reduced by DKK 2,000,000 from DKK 43,500,000 to DKK 41,500,000. However, not enough capital was represented at the meeting in order to pass this proposal, and thus an extraordinary general meeting will be summoned.
  • Authorisation to the Board of Directors, in the period until the next annual general meeting, to purchase own shares of up to 10% of the share capital, inclusive of the Company’s current holding of own shares.


  • Approval of the proposal to prepare and present the Company’s future annual reports and interim reports in English.

Composition of the Board of Directors and its committees

At a board meeting held in immediate continuation of the general meeting, the Board of Directors appointed the following members of the audit committee. The Board of Directors and the audit committee are now composed as follows:

  • Jesper Brandgaard (chairman)
  • Peter Schütze (vice chairman)
  • Hervé Couturier
  • Simon Jeffreys (chairman of the audit committee)
  • Patrice McDonald (member of the audit committee)
  • Jacob Goltermann (employee representative and member of the audit committee)
  • Raymond John (employee representative)

Enquiries regarding this announcement should be addressed to:
Klaus Holse, Chief Executive Officer, SimCorp A/S (+45 3544 8802, +45 2326 0000)
Thomas Johansen, Chief Financial Officer, SimCorp A/S (+45 3544 6858, +45 2811 3828)

Company Announcement no. 19/2014