New Paper Highlights SimCorp Dimension as Fulfilling 10 Key Requirements of an Advanced IBOR Solution

SimCorp today released a new paper titled, "The Investment Book of Record - Take the Open Highway to Competitive Advantage." While the term IBOR may have initially seemed a buzzword, the concept has become increasingly prevalent industry-wide. Defined, an IBOR delivers control over investment-critical information to asset managers by centralizing intraday positions across all asset classes into a ‘golden copy’. The new paper delves further by outlining the 10 key requirements that constitute an advanced IBOR solution.

The top 10 key IBOR requirements include:

1. Full instrument coverage
2. Position management
3. Event management & drill-down
4. Cash forecasting
5. Security forecasting
6. Reconciliation & exception management
7. Integration to source systems
8. Market valuation, accruals & analytics
9. Distribution to receiving systems
10. Online view of IBOR information

“The IBOR’s purpose is to establish a consolidated, enterprise-wide, multi-asset class data foundation,” explains Duncan Cooper Director, Business Consulting TRM at Sapient Global Markets, a leading provider of services to today’s evolving financial and commodity markets. “Having a complete and up-to-date view of all position data and other investment information in a single location is critical to success. The obvious solution is to adopt an IBOR to serve as a single system that handles front-office PMS/OMS/EMS duties, as well as the back-office settlement, accounting and NAV creation. In the single system vendor space, SimCorp is an established market leader.”

According to Cedric Le Moan, Head of Business Management & Projects at Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management, “Having SimCorp Dimension at the core of our operations, our front-office has confidence in the quality and accuracy of data being used for investment decision-making. SimCorp’s IBOR solution has freed up our portfolio managers to fully focus on generating the returns that investors seek.”

“For close to 40 years, the concept of providing a single repository of high quality data that supports an asset manager front- to back-office has always been at the very heart of our solution. Over 160 investment management firms, including 20% of the top 200 asset managers globally, have invested in this approach,” says Klaus Holse, SimCorp Chief Executive Officer. “Recent research has proven that creating operational efficiency using the IBOR can directly impact portfolio performance – allowing managers to retain as much as 51-242 basis points of inherent alpha.”

Learn more about how SimCorp Dimension fulfills all 10 key requirements of an advanced IBOR solution here.

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