23% of Investment Managers Can Calculate Impact of Market Events within Trading Day

SimCorp, a leading provider of investment management solutions and services for the global financial services industry, today released poll findings evaluating the importance of intraday calculations from the impact of all position driving events. Poll respondents include over 60 executives from North American-based capital market firms.

Highlights of the poll findings include:

83% place high importance on the ability to perform intraday calculations from the impact of position driving events such as: FX rate, collateral, securities lending, fees and corporate actions.
Only 23% of respondents are able to perform intraday calculations.

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“It is a concern for the industry that close to 80% of those polled cannot, or do not, know if they can perform the necessary intraday calculations,” comments Duncan Cooper, Director of Business Consulting at Sapient Global Markets. “The inability to understand the impact of market events on the position of held securities has far reaching effects such as: errors in NAV calculations, inability to optimise collateral, erroneous cash positions, investor exposures in the event of a market readjustment – all of which inevitably impacts investor confidence. In this continuing climate of increasing regulation and market observation, the IBOR or the investment book of record offers capital market firms the opportunity to differentiate from competitors and bolster stakeholder confidence.”

“Our clients point to the IBOR to demonstrate the operational controls they have in place when securing new business,” comments Marc Schröter, SVP and head of SimCorp’s research and product organization. “The ability to understand and report on the state of the business within the trading day will ultimately distinguish the leaders from the laggards in the industry.” To learn more, please join a panel of experts from SimCorp, Sapient and BMO for the upcoming webinar, IBOR: Driving Business Value for Investment Decisions, Risk Controls and Operations.

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