AD&CO's OAS Subroutine Now Available within SimCorp Dimension

SimCorp, a leading provider of investment management solutions and services for the global financial services industry, today announced that AD&Co's OAS Subroutine, which includes the LoanDynamics (Credit) Model, the Term Structure Library and Home Price Simulation Model from AD&Co's suite of VECTORS® Analytics, is now available in SimCorp Dimension.

SimCorp provides Front, Middle, and Back Office solutions used by global investment managers to efficiently handle risk, reduce cost, and scale their businesses for growth. The addition of AD&Co's OAS Subroutine allows clients to measure, rank, and decompose MBS risk for both agency and private-label instruments which means better analytics and tools for investors to make timely and accurate investment decisions.

AD&Co's OAS Subroutine is available throughout SimCorp Dimension which ensures that methods and measures are consistent across portfolio analysis, order generation, performance attribution, scenario analysis and risk management, leading to better strategy implementation and trading decisions for the clients.

Georg Hetrodt, Chief Technology Officer at SimCorp, commented: "We are very pleased with this partnership. While SimCorp Dimension supports a large variety of pricing models and instruments, bringing in AD&Co's market-leading mortgage analytics makes our solutions even more powerful. The tools fit well with the existing capabilities of SimCorp Dimension and add value for our clients."

Rob Landauer, Director of Business Development at AD&Co said: "AD&Co's OAS valuation methodology reflects both prepayment and default options, considers interest rates and home prices as primary economic factors and also accounts for model risk. This library has been successfully integrated into SimCorp Dimension to provide clients with a powerful mortgage valuation and analytics platform."


Enquiries regarding this announcement should be addressed to:
Robert Hanbury, SimCorp Partner Management, (+45 27 79 52 86)


Andrew Davidson & Co., Inc. offers consulting services and risk analytics for fixed income investors with an emphasis on mortgage and asset-backed securities and mortgage whole loans. The VECTORS® Analytics library currently offers prepayment models for mortgage and asset-backed securities, a Credit/Default model (LoanDynamics Model), and option-adjusted valuation and risk management tools for MBS, ABS, and CMOs. The unique blend of investment expertise and cutting-edge quantitative methods combines decades of Wall Street experience with the most advanced modeling techniques. For more information about Andrew Davidson & Co., Inc., please visit

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