New SimCorp Video Featuring Independent Research Group Highlights Pitfalls and Benefits of Data Management

SimCorp today released a new video featuring CEB TowerGroup research director, Gert Raeves, explaining the pitfalls of data management and how to overcome them.

Watch the video and learn

Why many data management projects fail
The cost of not having data management in place
How an implemented data management strategy can become a competitive tool for asset managers
Data has always been a vital ingredient for investment management. In a changing financial landscape, however, the need for data quality is assuming critical proportions. However, many companies are still falling short of managing their data properly.

“According to our research, 64% have not even started executing their data management strategy,” says Raeves. In the video, he explains how asset managers agree that data management is important, however everyone seems to want as little to do with IT and technology as possible.

Gert Raeves goes on to demonstrate what value a data management governance model can contribute to the business, and suggests that with a proper data management model in place, asset managers are able to go to market sooner with new products, gain more insights into customer preferences and ultimately have a competitive advantage just by looking at customer analytics.

“Data is the lifeblood of investment management companies,” comments Klaus Holse, CEO of SimCorp, “and controlling, protecting and maximizing the value of one’s data assets to achieve and sustain competitive advantage should be an overall data management objective. Through integrated platform solutions across the enterprise, the problem of siloed data and complex maintenance arrangements can be solved, giving investment managers a competitive edge.”

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