SimCorp Debates Outsourcing versus Insourcing in Clear Path’s Newly Released ‘Fund Technology & Data, North America 2015’ Report

SimCorp has participated in a roundtable debate on insourcing versus outsourcing in Clear Path’s Fund Technology & Data, North America 2015. The report contains white papers, roundtable debates and interviews from North American fund and asset managers examining the key issues around outsourcing, centralization of data and the impact of regulatory pressures on fund management operations.

Marc Mallett, Vice President, Product & Managed Services, SimCorp North America is featured in the roundtable debate, ‘Where, when and how does outsourcing have a viable future?’ Additional panellists include Northern Trust, RBC Global Asset Management, and BMO Asset Management Corporation. The debate explores insourcing versus outsourcing, industry factors such as regulation and cost compression, and how administrators and technology providers can best innovate operations going forward.

“The conventional view of outsourcing, with its traditional bias toward low-value, process-intensive tasks, ignores conflicting agendas between outsourcing providers and their clients’ persistent need for timely and accurate data that can support the investment decision-making process,’ said Marc Mallett. “In a post-crisis world, managers want more control of their data and need to meet the demand of transparency, whether it be from managers’ clients or regulators. It is imperative that firms know what they own, what it is worth, how it is performing and that the proper risk controls are in place. When you outsource any of these, you risk forfeiting much of that control.”

The report also contains a white paper from SimCorp Coric entitled, ‘Client reporting: the business case for best practice automation.’

To view the full report, please click here.

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