SimCorp A/S - Business transacted at the extraordinary general meeting

Today, 9 May 2018, SimCorp A/S held its extraordinary general meeting at which the following was adopted:

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Changes to articles of association

  • Reduction of the share capital of the Company by nominally DKK 190,767 from nominally DKK 40,690,767 to nominally 40,500,000.
  • Change of number of Board members from 3 to 6 Board members to 4 to 8 Board members.
  • Removal of maximum age requirement for Board members.

However, not enough capital was represented at the general meeting in order to pass these proposals, and the Board of Directors will therefore convene an extraordinary general meeting for the purpose of adopting the proposals at the general meeting in accordance with Article 14 of the Articles of Association.


Enquiries regarding this announcement should be addressed to:

Klaus Holse, Chief Executive Officer, SimCorp A/S (+45 3544 8800, +45 2326 0000)
Michael Rosenvold, Chief Financial Officer, SimCorp A/S (+45 3544 8800, +45 5235 0000)

Company Announcement no. 05/2018