Your customers are asking for more sustainable investments, regulators are demanding more transparency and you’re searching for more alpha in a volatile market.

Can your operating model keep up with these pressures? The good news is that there are new ways to help support your unique need

At SimCorp we provide the foundation to build a scalable operating model so that you can meet your growth ambitions, mitigate risks and reduce operational costs by relying on a single source of data.

With our integrated core investment platform you have the optionality to choose from innovative business services to help you build the operating model that best fits your business needs and ambitions.

Special insights report

The four essentials of a future-proof operating model

We estimate that in buy-side operations there's about 80% commonality in most functions, and only 20% where firms can add value and differentiate. This special insights report gives you ideas on how to maximize the impact of that 20%.

The era of closed-off black box systems is gone. There is clearly a need for openness and interoperability today that offers enormous paths for innovation and growth

Marc Schröter
Chief Product Officer, SimCorp

Your operating model is a game changer

See how the right operating model puts you in control of your strategic goals no matter the market conditions.

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