Trust one of the top Swift bureaus to connect securely to the Swift network without having to manage and run complex IT architecture

Bottomline makes business payments simple, smart, and secure for businesses and financial institutions, of all sizes, all over the world. Trusted by over 600 customers spanning 92 countries across 6 continents, Bottomline specializes in SaaS-powered solutions for payments, securities, connectivity, and messaging.

Our recent partnership enables SimCorp clients to deploy Bottomline Swift gateway to securely and seamlessly integrate with the Swift network without the complexities of managing intricate IT infrastructure. The partnership offers also SimCorp clients access to Bottomline's suite of financial messaging and ISO 20022 implementation services, including message translation, validation, transformation, intelligent routing, orchestration, and integration.

By offering a fully accredited SWIFT Service Bureau, Bottomline helps SimCorp clients

  • Reduce costs:

    Transition from an on-premise managed server to Bottomline’s SaaS solution, eliminating your need to manage and run complex IT architecture
  • Scale effortlessly:

    Gain access to a flexible solution and a team of experts that is capable of rapidly deploying new solutions to address ever-evolving market dynamics.
  • Ensure Compliance:

    Adhere to the Swift Customer Security Program (CSP) and effortlessly implement yearly Swift updates.
  • Meet Regulatory Requirements:

    Stay in step with evolving regulatory demands.

In addition, Bottomline's Universal Aggregator empowers SimCorp clients with a unified gateway to multiple payment networks, simplifying and enhancing their payment operations.

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