Empowering private market investors with dedicated data management and fee validation services.

Colmore works with some of the world’s largest asset owners and asset allocators to provide private markets managed data services. Their services facilitate streamlined fund and portfolio monitoring methods as well as fee validation techniques to review fund fees and expenses and verify that they are in line with fund agreements.

With INSIGHT, Colmore provides you with a real-time portfolio monitoring and data management service, including collection, extraction, and validation, giving you greater clarity over your investments.

Colmore already manage 4,500+ funds, 60,000+ assets and 200,000+ metrics and can provide you with accurate, validated data at speed.

Colmore's FAIR services provide a non-intrusive fee tracking service that tracks and validates the fees paid into your invested funds giving you confidence in your underlying fund charges. As a former LP we can manage, investigate and resolve any variances that are uncovered.

Private equity fees are complicated. Colmore can help you fulfill your fiduciary duties and answer increasing legislative and regulatory pressure with this fee validation service.

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