Dasseti - Due diligence automation

Digital due diligence solutions that automate the RFP and DDQ process, allowing you to scale operations more easily.    

Dasseti was built by and for investment professionals with a vision to transform the way institutional investors use qualitative information when performing due diligence and/or answering due diligence requests. 

Dasseti offers two solutions: Dasseti Collect and Dasseti Respond

Dasseti Collect automates the collection, organization and analysis of the hundreds of emails and documents that allocators need to deal with when conducting DDQs with managers, GPs or third parties. The solution enables allocators to streamline due diligence processes, de-risk their investment portfolios and ensure compliance with a full audit trail.  

Dasseti Respond is a DDQ and RFP automation response platform aimed at managers and GPs. The platform allows managers and GPs to store and search past DDQ and RFP responses, using natural language processing to find responses with a single click, and thereby free up time to focus on other tasks. 

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