Domos FS - Apps for alternative investment funds

End-to-end set of solutions dedicated to Alternative Assets Fund Management: Private Equity, Real Estate, Debt & Infrastructure, Funds of Funds

Domos FS has built a set of solutions specifically for General Partners (Alternative Investment Fund Managers) and service providers such as Fund Administrators. The solutions automate AIF’s operations, portfolio and risk management, compliance, legal reporting, ESG scoring and investors relations. 

Domos FS solutions offer a first class digitalized investment experience and contribute to improve the operational efficiency as they help cutting costs, reinforcing security, and complying with regulations. 

For ESG, Domos FS has designed a solution specifically for the private assets, Domos ESG Q®, a tool and methodology that helps you automate the collection of ESG characteristics for each of your assets and enables you to aggregate and report your ESG fund data. 

The partnership between Domos FS and SimCorp was formed in 2021 to offer the first ever complete front-to-back-office investment management offering covering both public and private markets for asset managers, asset owners and service providers.  

Learn more about our partnership and Domos FS with the additional material available below. 

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