Bring your risk analytics to a new level with our industry-leading partners   

Risk management is crucial to your investment management activities. We support you with different models to reflect your different functional needs and your appetite for managing your risk setup and data operations.  

With our internal risk model, you create, maintain, and operate your risk setup independently, from sourcing your datapoints to your risk calculation methodologies. The internal risk model is fully integrated throughout the SimCorp platform, which means you can leverage your risk analytics in the front office too, with key metrics automatically re-calculated based on simulations, trades, and market-driven changes. 

With our partners, we let you leverage the best of breed solutions available in the industry to facilitate some of your operations and rely on specialist expertise. To this end, we have today partnered with two market leading providers: MSCI and Qontigo.

With MSCI RiskMetrics, we can help you outsource your risk calculations and visualize the end results in your SimCorp platform. With our batch-based integration, your positions are sent to MSCI and their analytics can be saved in the SimCorp platform to be used for reporting, analysis, backtesting and limit monitoring. 

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