Execute broker algos directly from your SimCorp Order Manager    

You don’t always have to use an Execution Management System (EMS) to efficiently place your orders. 

SimCorp Dimension’s Order Manager enables you to use industry standard FIXatdl files from brokers and directly render the relevant strategies on to the order ticket you issue. New and updated algos from the broker can be made available quickly, without taking a software update.  

Placing trades via FIX to execute broker algos directly from your SimCorp platform is quick and easy. This allows your traders to effectively execute increasing volumes and free up time to work on illiquid or special stocks. 

An additional benefit is that since orders are created from within your SimCorp platform where the strategies are integrated, a full audit trail of orders and associated strategy usage is retained.  

Explore the brokers whose algos we can integrate for you. 

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