Virtu Financial

Access greater liquidity pools and improve your potential of achieving the best execution by leveraging our partner Virtu’s offerings

Virtu Financial is a leading provider of global, multi-asset financial services that delivers liquidity and innovative, transparent products to the global markets.

SimCorp clients have been able to use ITG Net, Virtu’s broker-neutral financial communications network, in combination with SimCorp’s Order Management capabilities since 2010. The recent expansion of the partnership includes the ability for clients to utilize ITG Net in SimCorp’s FIX as a Service offering, and tightening the integration of Virtu’s global multi asset-class Execution Management System (EMS) Triton with SimCorp’s Order Management System (OMS) to create a more seamless experience for the trading desk.

In addition to providing global, secure, reliable, 24/6 managed access to trade to 700+ brokers and market centers globally, ITG Net provides invaluable tools and transparency to enhance the trading process before, during, and after the trade.

Virtu Triton is a global, multi-asset, broker-neutral, dedicated EMS platform that supports a variety of asset classes such as equities, ETFs, fixed income, FX and listed derivatives. The platform provide its customers enhanced trading experience through customization and automated workflows that create operational efficiencies and save costs across the trading operations. An example of such automated workflow is robust rules-based order routing and execution planning.

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