YvesBlue - Our ESG scoring partner

An early mover in the ESG and impact space that helps you turn raw data points into meaningful information.  

YvesBlue enables you to paint a clear picture of the ESG risks and health of your portfolios by managing the collection and the cleansing of ESG and impact data for you. 

With YvesBlue, you can leverage immediately pre-collected data from 24+ ESG sources and you can also have the additional data sets that matter to you added to the platform (proprietary, sourced from media or other 3rd parties). 

All datapoints are analyzed and transformed by ESG experts who leverage AI techniques to provide you with 6500+ unique data attributes and 45+ ESG and impact scores created and maintained by YvesBlue.  

The team can also help you create your own ESG scores using your in-house methodologies within their platform. 

Read our partner use cases and find out how YvesBlue can help you with your ESG research and reporting. 

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