Upgrade more frequently and faster

Do you find investment management software upgrades and the test of configuration updates a challenge? Do you struggle to retain the competencies needed to handle this process? Are the release upgrades and configuration changes becoming an increasing cost for you with too much manual work?  

Continuous Testing Service solves all the above while helping you transform your development processes to validate and test the business demands faster.  


Why move from Conventional Testing to Continuous Testing?  

Continuous testing enables your organization to upgrade more frequently, faster than conventional testing, and with less effort thanks to our continuous testing framework, automated incident management, code-based regression testing and extended system integration testing. 


Key advantages

  • Cloud-based service with increased agility and reduced time to market
  • Dedicated all-year round team dealing with reduced operational risk and complexity
  • Flexible upgrade scheduling reduced lead time of 4-6 weeks
  • Future proof towards a continuous deployment pipeline
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