Free up time to get deeper insights from your data and make a difference to your business

Our award-winning data management services are driven by an experienced team of data specialists that manage your data so you are free to harness new business opportunities. Here are just a few ways we can help you realize the potential of your data, with ease.

Data advisory

Data advisory is what sets our data management services apart from traditional outsourced services. We have industry specialists experienced in a range of asset strategies and data types to help you stay on top of industry, regulatory and market changes, including considerations for ESG investing. This component of the service includes:

  • Access to expert knowledge for complex instruments and specialized data types
  • Providing standardized data models with related meta data
  • Keeping up to date with data vendor changes and regulatory changes
  • Advising on data needs and usage for new requirements
  • Shaping best practices on data feeds, trends, and data mastering

Operations management

Let us free you up from time-intensive data processing and cleansing work so you can focus on what is core and differentiating for your business. We provide you with clean market and reference data that is ready for use in your business processes, and all work is done within mutually agreed upon SLAs and a governance framework for incident resolution. We support you with:

  • Timely, validated, and compliant data fed directly into target systems
  • On-demand support for data queries and operations
  • Specialist knowledge for complex instruments and specialized data types
  • Access to data lineage, audit trails, and audit support for full transparency
  • 24/7 business support for service requests and questions
  • Runbook-based operation allowing for customer specific data requirements and processes 

Change management

We help you seize new opportunities and launch new investment mandates faster. Our change management team informs you of impending asset type, regulatory and data vendor changes and ensures they are implemented across your data supply chain in a fraction of the time it would take you now. This component of the service includes:

  • Access to a pool of data specialists
  • Help with integrating new data vendors or systems
  • Automated testing before rolling out changes
  • Adopting new regulatory requirements for data processing
  • Delivered within agreed SLAs instead of months
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